The primary purpose of this blog is to track my movements through Rio de Janeiro, as I attempt to uncover how community policing initiatives are working in the city.  Are they working at all?  The media say they are “the bees knees and the cat’s pyjamas”.  I want to see if that is the case.  My notes and observations were hand-written while in Rio.  I’m transcribing then here exactly as written while there.   My hope is to make this into a radio documentary, at least for starters.  I put the cart before the horse, and started this project before I secured funding.  Foolish move, as my funding request was refused.  I am actively seeking help to fund this project, which to date, has all been funded by me, and a seriously ill credit card.  If you think you can help with funding, in any way at all, please let me know.  I’d appreciate any help that may be at hand.