A TV cameraman was shot in the chest today while filming an exchange of shots between police and traffickers.  It is customary here for TV journalists to be present during such raids,  although cops say they did not invite Gelson Domingos da Silva along today.   Brasilian news watchers have scenes of exceptional violance boomed into their sitting rooms and kitchens every day.
The moments leading up to da Silva’s death have been published online ad viewers can hear him shout in pain as he takes a bullet into his chest.  Will this shake things up?
There is a lot of talk in the city as the moment about violence, and how to get rid of this problem.  A dead journalist shot on live TV does little to aid and abet the campaign that the city is trying to get out there- that the violence is being taken under control.
How much of this grand PR campaign is rhetoric anyhow, and how much is just band-aiding the problem until the games are over remains to be seen.
No-one I have interviewed to date seems to believe that there is much hope or permanency in the solutions currently offered.  Everyone accepts corruption as endemic here – its a given. No-one seems to have much faith that this can or will change.
Blog posted January 2012, refers to events November 2011